Director Message


Global Media Education is registered under Govt. of Delhi, Since 1998. It was the dream of our beloved and most dynamic Ex. Prime Minister Lt. Sh. Rajiv Gandhi to take India in the 21st century with the latest information technology.

Vocational education here is for professional careers lending to immediate employment and actual jobs. Our trained staff helps students in placement and exchanges them for entrepreneurship and self-employment. Global Media Education has commitment to the society to provide quality education in the emerging field of vocation.

We strongly believe that education is the birth right of every human being and more so of every woman as she raises a family. It is rightly said “Educate a woman and you educate the family”. We are proud to find that many girls labeled as “dropouts’ ‘failures’ and ‘handicapped’ in their academic stress have been absorbed successfully into our system with remarkable results.

This institute, which is named, as Global Media Education Provides educational opportunities to each and every single women of any age at affordable rates. Let me hope that whatever time span you spend here whatever course of study you choose proves fruitful to you in your life.

In the end I hope the following pages say something that could lead to a better life for you.