Fashion Designing


Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is one of the most popular and glamorous course. The world fashion immediately registers emotions of glamour, elegance and fascination one personally feels exuberant when dressed well. In the past fashion was associated only with female apparel and accessories. Today fashion is a huge industry and a major player in the country’s market. Today it earns the highest foreign exchanges for the country. It gives employment to millions of people.

We are introducing one-year diploma course in fashion designing. This ensures enough knowledge and work experience. It is important for a woman to be self-dependent and stand on her own feet.

After completing the course students will be provided diploma.

  1.  Fashion Designer
  2.  Fashion Merchandiser
  3.  Pattern Maker
  4.  Sketcher
  5.  Quality Controller
  6.  Fashion Coordinator

Fees                                  Admission and all fees included

                                          Final Exam Fees :- Contact Us

Duration                          One Year

Basic Design                   :     Pattern making technology

Design Idea                     :     Stitching

Fashion Sketching         :     Textile Science

Drafting & Layout          :     Theory fashion Merchandising

Embroidery                     :      Project a) Market Survey

 Auto Cad                        :                    b) History of fashion